The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s California members urged action to oppose the exhibition of pregnant and nursing pigs in cruel farrowing crates at the California State Fair.

Farrowing crates are so small that the pigs cannot even turn around or walk. The pigs are never let out for exercise. These farrowing crates cause needless suffering by completely depriving the exhibited pigs of the ability to engage in any exercise. Thank you to everyone who took action to oppose the exhibition. Now with the fair just a few months away, I have some great news—pigs in farrowing crates will not be exhibited this year!

No words for this kind of cruelty.

No words for this kind of cruelty.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund sued the fair’s organizers, and after many months of negotiation, we have come to an agreement.

In addition to not holding the exhibit this year, Cal Expo will be obligated to inform us months in advance if they plan to have pigs in farrowing crates for the 2018 State Fair—giving us time to take action if necessary. In exchange, we dismissed our current lawsuit.

We reserve the right to sue again if the cruel exhibition returns. Meanwhile, we will continue working to end the use of farrowing crates and other cruel animal confinement systems that have become routine in modern animal agriculture.

Thank you for supporting the Animal Legal Defense Fund and our mission to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.

Editorial Note:

This is one my very favorite animal advocacy organizations. 

Please visit to see the vital work they do on behalf of those that can't speak for themselves.