For the New York City Council, that is.

Now that Intro 1233, legislation to end the cruel use of wild animals in the circus, has bipartisan, supermajority support in the Council, it's coming up for a vote in the Health Committee this Thursday!

Please contact your Council Member TODAY and urge them to VOTE YES on Intro 1233 here:

Your 30 second phone call or email to the City Council can help free circus animals from a lifetime of suffering. Animals can't dial phones, after all, so they are counting on you, the humane voters of New York, to speak up for them. Our online action center makes it so quick and easy to contact your rep, so please speak up now! 

Remember: Even though the curtain finally has closed on Ringling Bros, other animal-abusing circuses still come to New York City.

Let's make sure the curtains close on their cruel animal acts, too. Please contact your City Council Member today and urge them to VOTE YES on Intro 1233.

On behalf of all of those animals, thank you.


Allie Feldman Taylor

Empire State Humane Voters
Building Political Power For Animals