Just what is Facebook, anyway?  Most everybody uses it; its reach is frightening.  When I first got on Facebook, it was my friends and connections, now it seems to be a relentless series of ads and solicitations based on their big brother algorithms that record who we talk to, what we look at and sometimes based on a one-off search on Google or Ebay. 

I see Facebook as a necessary evil: don't much like it but it is the biggest game in town. Not participating with Facebook; posting, creating ads and sharing stuff that you or your org feels is important can leave hundreds, if not thousands, of contacts on the table.  Those contacts are the ones you need to get your message out there. 

Graphic Animal Abuse Images OK?

It seems as if there is a Facebook page for almost any interest: and some of the things that appear are nothing less than horrifying and tragic. So how does Facebook decide if a graphic image of animal abuse is 'OK' or acceptable in some sense, and where do they draw the line?

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From the Facebook Files :These previously unreleased guidelines are very curious.

Its policies on animal abuse are also explained, with one slide saying: “We allow photos and videos documenting animal abuse for awareness, but may add viewer protections to some content that is perceived as extremely disturbing by the audience.

Generally, imagery of animal abuse can be shared on the site. Some extremely disturbing imagery may be marked as disturbing.”

Photos of animal mutilation, including those showing torture, can be marked as disturbing rather than deleted. Moderators can also leave photos of abuse where a human kicks or beats an animal.

Facebook said: “We allow people to share images of animal abuse to raise awareness and condemn the abuse but remove content that celebrates cruelty against animals.”

As animal lovers, what do you think? 

  • Is it necessary to reveal the true horror and frequency of animal abuse throughout the world? 
  • Or are these pictures so cruel and graphic that they should be censored? 


Read the full Facebook Guidelines on Animal Abuse postings here:


Careful, really awful, and posted, picture at end of article. I guess this kind of stuff is OK to show....

The images they allow to be posted are NOTHING like this one. 

The images they allow to be posted are NOTHING like this one. 

Their approach to violence and child abuse are similar:  to read the full article 


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