The Department of Homeland Security U.S. Fire Administration and Office of Health Affairs

Support Emergency Medical Services Week — EMS Strong

— Always in Service — May 21-27, 2017


Emmitsburg, Maryland —

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) and Office of Health Affairs (OHA) are proud to once again support the efforts of our partner federal agencies, fire departments and

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) organizations to promote EMS Week. This year’s EMS Week isMay 21-27, 2017, with the theme EMS Strong –Always in Service.

“Fire departments throughout America reflect this year’s EMS Week theme of ‘Always in Service’ by responding to those in need of emergency medical care,” said Acting U.S. Fire Administrator Dr. Denis Onieal. “USFA appreciates these efforts of the American fire service.”

“Every day EMS responders around the country demonstrate 'Always in Service' by delivering vital prehospital care around the clock, both on- and off-duty," said Larry D. Fluty, Acting Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs and Chief Medical Officer. “We are especially grateful to our EMS responders at DHS, whose service supports their immediate communities, strengthens the DHS workforce, and fulfills the DHS mission.”

National EMS Week is an important opportunity for fire and EMS departments to highlight their call to care through events such as open houses, demonstrations, educational presentations and media programs.

Further information on USFA programs and activities in EMS may be found on the USFA website:


Additional information on OHA EMS initiatives may be found on the DHS website:


The U.S. Fire Administration recommends everyone should have a comprehensive home fire protection plan:

  • smoke alarms,

  • fire sprinklers,

  • and practicing a fire escape plan.


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