Floods are ruthless: the volume and power of moving water crush buildings and roads as if they were paper.

You HAVE to respond to protect your family and your pets. 

Some very basic preparations can mean the difference between life and death.

Preparation in Easy Steps:   


Differences in Flood Warnings:

Flood Preparation

  • If you live in an area affected by floods, get in the habit of doing "drills" with your family and pets to ensure they will all know what to do in the event of an emergency.
  • Make arrangements in advance for someone to evacuate animals for you, if you’re not physically onsite when an evacuation is enforced.
  • Know where your pets' hiding spots are, so you can grab them and take them to safety as quickly as possible. Limit their access to any places where it may be hard to get to them. 
  • Prepare an emergency kit for yourself and your pets. Keep it ready to go: grab your pets, the kits and leave as soon as possible.

During a Flood

  • If your family gets stuck in your home during a flood, move to the upper floors or into your attic. During severe flooding, move onto your roof until help can arrive.
  • Keep your pets either on a leash or in a crate so that they do not run away in a panic.
  • Small animals such a guinea pigs, birds, snakes, ferrets & others need their own special carriers. Have crate or cages ready to go. 
  • Move horses & livestock to high ground.
  • Keep tack and rugs, electrical appliances & food and water off the floor.
  • Put your contact details on field/stable gates so you can be contacted in an emergency.
  • Put documents like vaccination records, your vet’s details, and pet’s microchip number in a sealed bag with any other important documents. Include a current photograph in case your animals should get lost.   Get yours here

After a Flood

  • Stay indoors until after the water has receded.
  • Don’t allow your pets to go near water or other liquids on the ground; in addition to debris and live power lines, the water may be contaminated with infectious diseases and parasites.
  • ALWAYS keep everyone (including yourself) away from downed power lines.


Start this TODAY.   

Start this TODAY.


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Start here.