How great would it be to see this rolling into town?

How great would it be to see this rolling into town?

Disaster Response

American Humane is always the first to serve when disaster strikes.

American Humane’s rescue units are stationed across the country to ensure a swift response whenever and wherever animals are in crisis.

Our first responders travel the nation with a fleet of specially equipped rescue vehicles, including American Humane’s flagship 82-foot “Rescue Rig,” which are fully outfitted with lifesaving emergency supplies for every condition. The Rescue Rig is even furnished with a mobile operating theater and state-of-the-art command center enabling vital communication and coordination during major disasters.

Using these rescue vehicles as operating bases, American Humane deploys to the sites of severe floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes, among other natural disasters, where our first responders work tirelessly on the ground to locate, shelter, and provide veterinary care to vulnerable animals in need.

American Humane is also the first to serve the animal victims of unimaginable cruelty and abuse.

Our emergency rescue team collaborates with local law enforcement agencies on large-scale animal cruelty investigations, involving everything from hoarding cases to puppy mills and dogfighting operations.

Whenever and wherever tragedy strikes, whether a natural disaster or an incident of deplorable abuse, American Humane is there for animals.

Tennessee Wildfires:

We’re on the ground in Tennessee, helping affected companion animals and pet owners!

Our first-response team, American Humane Rescue, rushed to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to help provide relief to the animals and pet owners impacted by the devastating wildfires ravaging the state. The team, along with two of its specialized emergency vehicles—made possible through the generous support of philanthropist Lois Pope and the Banfield Foundation—is on the ground helping companion animals and pet owners displaced…

Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food Rushes 80,000 Pounds of Pet Food to Aid American Humane Relief Effort in Louisiana

Hurricane Matthew:

UPDATE: American Humane Service during Hurricane Matthew

With the storm over, and our whole team accounted for, American Humane can proudly thank and congratulate our first responders for a job well done. Especially praiseworthy were the actions and risks taken last week by Jeff Eyre and his three-legged German Shepherd, Dually.  The duo leapt into action after receiving an urgent request for help from a shelter in North Myrtle…