Quick quiz:

How would you answer these 5 questions? 

  1. How do you think you will receive emergency alerts if something bad was coming?

    There are several alerts you can receive on your phone and at home. FEMA has an app and the emergency services in your area will have more info about getting emergency alerts directly to your phone
  2. Who is in charge of taking care of the pets in an emergency?

    Have this conversation now: will it be someone specific, whoever is home, and what if no one is home? Decide on who will be sure to get them organized if you have to act quickly. 
  3. Do you know where you would go with your pet if you had to leave? 

    Not all shelters or hotels or motels accept pets; where would you be safe together? Check out our section on pet friendly hotels, campgrounds, etc. 
  4. Have you thought about how you would contact your family if the phone/landline/computer were not working?

    Organize all the right phone numbers, email & social media account names, along with fire, EMS, veterinarian in one place and give everyone a copy. Include school, work and neighbors.
  5. How will you all get together? 

    Decide on a location in advance for close by, next town and further away. Be sure you all know where to go and how yo will be able to get there. 

Planning for something you hope will never happen can be easy to avoid: we get that.

Let's make it easier:

Start with the basics- communications. Start to think what you would have to do, if something might happen.

Thinking ahead about your pets is essential. They are totally dependent on you for escape and safety.  Discuss if one person will be in charge, who can take over if that person is not home and how and where you can get them safely out. 

The very act of thinking about these things is a huge step, well done.

Now keep it up with creating an emergency escape kit for your family and your pets. 

While no one wants to face danger, your 15 minutes of preparation now can make a huge difference when it really really matters. 

Check out this link: http://www.petsathome.info/what-you-must-know-folder/#what-you-must-know