Do you have any extra space? 

Do you have any extra space? 


Shingles are gone and debris is scattered on the grounds of the Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach. Hurricane Matthew's mark.


With work needed, some of the kennels will not be usable for awhile, add to that an influx of pets displaced by the storm, 40 or more, and they need help.


Amber Marcoux says, "Halifax Humane society is doing their best to make sure we can help reunite families with their pets , especially during this time. We’re recovering after this storm. A lot of pets are going missing."


It’s not just dogs and cats. A chicken named Matthew was brought in right before the storm. He was somehow separated from his family. But, he’s taken a liking to the Humane Society’s Director Miguel Abi Hassan.


The Halifax humane society had a plan in place before Hurricane Matthew that they  say has helped a LOT! It’s called their Storm Trooper program. 


As part of their Storm troopers program they ask families to foster pets to free up kennel space. Animals like dogs and even pigs.


35 families fostered pets this week. 8 of them fell in love and adopted their fosters. Now they’re asking families to continue to foster until this Friday, October 14th.


If you’d like to look for or post a lost pet or learn more about becoming a storm trooper you can go to the Halifax Humane Society’s Facebook page