There is no worse feeling than helplessness: Be the hero your pets know you to be. 

Be prepared for them, for yourself. 


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The tragic images the pets left behind during Hurricane Katrina inspired a changes in how we consider our pets during these huge emergencies.  There are updated regulations and added legal protections, but in the end, how well you and your pets manage a crisis will be up to you.

PetsAtHome is the project of RescueRehomeResource, a 501c3, tax-exempt nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect and rescue animals and pets in need. The goal of PetsAtHome is to provide the tools and resources that you hope to never need, but will be so grateful when you do. 

PetsAt Home wants to help you prepare to protect, evacuate and save your pets when you have do do something now. Tragedy does not have to happen. 

Our coordinated info packets, emergency contact cards and resource pages puts the info you need all in one place. 

Don't wait until the problem is right in front of you, ANYTHING you do before the storm arrives will make a huge difference. Make it easier and safer for you and your animals, let us help.

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Katrina changed pet rescue forever and for the good. Do your part now to assure your beloved pets will be safe.