In an emergency there is no time!

Tell First Responders your pets are inside - they need to be saved.

These inexpensive products dramatically improve the chances of your pet surviving an emergency.

All In One Pet Emergency Info Kit

Set of Emergency Info Kit for you & your pets.

  1. Wallet Emergency Contact Cards
  2. Waterproof Document Bag
  3. First Responder Front Door Sticker
  4. Pet Info Refrigerator Magnet
2 Indoor Pet Info & Contact Magnets

Keep all crucial info about your pets in one place, easy to find in a rush. 

Magnetic card for the fridge or cabinets: Emergency numbers, Vet's Info and more. Share one.

2 First Responder Stickers

Tell Police & Fire you have pets inside that need to be saved.

Attention-getting adhesive sticker for front door or window.

2 Waterproof Document Packets

Keep ID, Pet ID & pictures, medicines, insurance & other important documents, even cash, in heavy gauge, resealable ziplock waterproof packet.

Grab 'n go with the critical information & documents, seal & keep dry. 

5 Wallet Emergency Contact Cards

Accident? Emergency? Keep this Emergency wallet card in our wallet or purse. Be sure someone can get to your pets when you can't. 

Ask your friends or neighbors be your emergency contact, with name & contact info.

 Set of 5, one for you, one for your first contact and 3 replacements.

Keep it in your wallet, purse and car- make sure they stay safe.